Saturday, August 14, 2010

Advancing the Kingdom- In Politics

It has been a long time, I have been working crazy hours, and have been busy with many other things as well. However, I guess it is time to get back to blogging.

Today I would like to write on advancing the Kingdom of God in politics.

Several Lord's Days ago I heard a life-changing sermon by my Pastor (you can listen to the sermon at about doing all things for the Kingdom. There should not be an atom of our beings not dedicated to the Lord and His service. Every one of our actions should be geared towards one thing, advancing Christ's Kingdom.

I applied this to an area of my life that has always been important to me, politics. My interest in politics has waned quite a bit in the last few years, mostly because it had become my religion and the Lord convicted me through the preaching of His Word that I had made it an idol. However, I now am of the conviction that Christians should passionately pursue politics, but for a different reason than I used to.

I looked to advance the Glory of the South, or in many cases the "Kingdom of Limited Government". While the South is my home, and country, and while limited government is most certainly the most sound political belief, that should not be what we advance in politics.

We should use politics for one reason, to advance the Kingdom of God.

Now that we have established that fact, how do we carry it out? The answers to this are far too many to post, but the one thing I want to establish is our motivations.

If the reason we do anything is not to glorify God Almighty, and advance His Kingdom, it is sin.

We are not papists who claim that there is a "secular" part of our life, and a "sacred" part of our life, we are Christians. Christ purchased His elect with His Blood, and He was propitiation for their sins, and their sinful nature. There is not an atom of our being that does not belong to Him alone.

I would like to encourage young men interested in politics to continue to pursue it, but for Christ and His glory. We would cringe to see the Ecclesiastical government taken over by heathens, why do we allow the civil government to be taken over by the heathen without a fight?

Let us take dominion, and establish the Kingdom of Christ in the political realm!

Deo Vindice.

For Christ and Kirk,