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Men vs. Guys - revisited.


If y'all were faithful readers of the Christian/Southern/State'sRights/y/Agrarianism master handbook -- aka: my blog -- back in '07, you would have read a post I did on "Men vs Guys". I think the time has long since come to do a follow up on it, since I see it as a recurring problem in Christian society.

Well, here goes.

In this day and age, Christian society is ridden with the un-Godly chains of humanism, egalitarianism, feminism, and antinomianism. Mainstream Christians are too stuck on the Jacobin idea of "equality" (aka liberty, equality, fraternity) that they do not look to the Word for the ways in which we should live.

The main thrust of this post will focus on the effiminization of Godly Men, and the ungodly feminist treatment of Ladies in the current post-Christian society.

It is a strange sight today to see even remnants of the age of chivalry, be it opening a door for a lady, saying things like "No Sir" or "Yes Ma'am", allowing the girls to eat first at gatherings etc.

However, in days gone by, this was not so, especially in the South.

I believe that a society can be judged by the godliness of it's men and women and by the structure of the social and familial relationship of men and women.

If we are ever to reconstruct the Kingdom of God on this earth into something pleasing to His sight, we have to destroy the modern stereotype of males (aka: Guys) and replace them with God-Fearing manly men.

One of the more subtle but very important ways to do this is through nomenclature. Why a God-fearing Christian would ever use the term "guys" except because of mere habit, astounds me.

Let us break down the word "guy" shall we?

Common Uses of "Guy"

"You guys" - Reference to a group of more than 1 people of various gender.

"Youse guys" - Same as above, but in New Jersey (sorry pastor :D)

"guy" - A male who is not feminine, but who is far from being a man: A general reference to the modern day male.

I don't know why anyone would want to use such a word. If "guy" can be used for both male and female in the plural form, why would one want to use "guy" as a reference for a man?

Feminst culture has destroyed the respectful use of "ma'am" and created the use of "guys".

This video is a perfect example -

Another severe problem in our post-Christian culture is the great equalization of the sexes.

By equalization, I don't mean that men are worth more than women or that women are worth more than men, but each sex has different roles ordained by God.

Some of the great "role reversals" that are epidemic in american culture are the glorification of women police officers, women soldiers, women with "careers", and (in my opinion) worst of all glorified women politicians (not just liberals like Nancy Pelosi, also so-called conservatives like Sarah Palin and Condoleeza Rice).

( I don't think anyone on my blog would go to a so-called church with a woman pastor or office bearer, so I won't focus on that issue at this time).

What has become of men today? Are we so effiminate that we have failed in our duties and forced women to do our duty in our place? The answer is yes. We have fallen for the Jacobin presupposition of "equality" hook, line, and sinker. We send our daughters off to war, or encourage them to go to college and "make something of themself", as if raising a godly family does not do that!

The diversity Nazis (as I affectionately call them) have diversified everything into an eternal state of homogenization. There is no separation of men and women, and "gender roles" are spoken of mostly negatively.

Y'all, I have rambled on and on about the negatives of our post-Christian culture, and I am sure y'all get the point that we are in deep trouble.

However, how are we, as Christians, going to change our culture? After all, the pagans can't institute the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, that is our duty. The answer starts in our families. We can't expect a culture to turn around by merely "keeping the Democrats out of Washington" or making Constitutional Amendments instituting morality in Babylon's government. We must reform our families into earthly examples of God's heavenly kingdom.

After reforming our families, we must reform our churches. Your family can't reform very well if you attend a 501.c3 church where the gospel is not accurately taught, and the clergy is beholden to Babylon's corporate empire in Washington D.C. . Until the cry of "Sola Scriptura" is heard again in our churches, we cannot expect our culture to become truly based upon scripture.

The Christian Zionist/Dispensationalist "churches" need to focus on helping their parishoners follow the Word of God, instead of focusing on "mission trips" to some far heathen country (not that I disagree in principle with missions, but it is hard to be a city set on a hill when we are drowning in the muck of worldliness along with the heathen).

Well y'all, in closing, start changing the culture by saying yes ma'am, no sir, and holding the door open for ladies. You'd be surprised at the difference it makes to people, and how much it makes them think.

Deo Vindice.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Haud Rex rgis tamen Jesus!

For Christ and Kirk,

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