Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bread and Circuses

Hey Y'all,
Today I am going to write a short post speaking out against the South's Number 2 Religion, Professional Football (SEC Football is number 1). This upcoming Lord's Day, in many churches across the nation pastors will be preaching "Super Bowl Related" "sermons", church services will be re-scheduled so their members can watch 22 young men defile the Sabbath and be praised for it. God's day will be blasphemed because churches and clergy care more about membership numbers and being "culturally relevant" instead of serving the Lord. Watching football for 3 hours on a Saturday is bad enough, but going to the lengths commonly practised by many evangelical churches today is down right wrong. If you have never considered the ramifications of these above actions, I urge you to consider them now. The church is in bad enough shape today, even without the frivolous and ungodly wastes of time Christians consume themselves with.

Deo Vindice.