Friday, March 26, 2010

Rev. Edward Donnelly - Sermon Review

I am going to begin a six part series doing a review on Rev. Edward Donnelly's sermon series on Baptism. Pastor Donnelly does a wonderful job defending the doctrinally sound view on the sacrament of baptism. I grew up a Credo-Baptist, but in the last several years the Lord has led me to the doctrines of the Reformed faith, and thus Paedo-Baptism. This is one of the sermon series that helped to seal my belief in Paedo-Baptism. In this six part series I will post the link to the Sermon I will be reviewing, and a day later (maybe two or three days later) I will post my review. These sermons are only about half an hour long, and are free to listen too, or download to your computer. I encourage y'all to listen, and then read my review.

I hope this helps any of y'all that are struggling with which application of baptism is the proper one.

Here is the link

For Christ and Kirk,


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Evolutionary Invention of Adolecence

Today I would like to write on an issue that has always been important to me - the creation of "teenagers" and the destruction of men and ladies.

In the Post-Christian society we live in today, there is a phenomenon called adolescence that has its roots, not in the Bible, but in Darwinist Evolutionary social theory.

(Today I will focus mainly on the men, but most of this post will be able to be applied to ladies too)

Today we see "guys" (see previous post - Men vs. Guys) who are refusing the responsibility and duties of manhood, while expecting some higher status than a "boy". Therefore, they have adopted the title "teen" or "adolescent". An adolescent is a male with the maturity, responsibility, and duties of a BOY, who expects the treatment and privileges of a MAN.

However, in the old days, this was not so. Boys became men, not teens. There were 14 year olds going to war, running farms, and men not much older, marrying and leading families. They were forced to assume the maturity, responsibilities, and duties of manhood; and thus they received the treatment, and privileges of manhood.

So what happened?

Somewhere around the time of the Industrial Revolution, men like G. Stanley Hall, William James, and John Dewey etc decided to apply a new religious belief system called Darwinism to social and familial construct. Thus adolescence came about.

The theory of men like Hall was that the growth of a child, repeated the process of evolution. The being started as a single cell, and slowly evolved into a complete human at around the age of 18. The first 5 years represent a certain evolutionary period, the next 7 another period, and so on until adulthood.

This Darwinian theory is from where the phenomenon of adolescence comes. Do we really want to further these wicked theories?

Why do Christian parents foster these false "stages" of growth? Why do many churches foster this Darwinian belief through age segregated church services? And most of all, why do parent's send their children to public schools to be treated as "adolescents", and be encouraged to remain children and not grow into men (Many times until their mid-30s).

Men, it is time to grow up. Video games, "hanging out" at the mall, and doing other frivolous, childish activities are for CHILDREN. Its time to become men, put away childish things, and forget this foolish notion of adolescence.

For Christ and Kirk,


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Name Suggestions

I figured I would do in the latest "thing" and rename my blog. I have entertained thoughts of this for a while, somewhat because I am not as into the Southern Nationalist movement as I once was, and because I thought using my blog to promote the Kingdom of God on this earth would be far better than trying promote Southern Nationalist views. The fact that the Southern people are not a distinct people, or worthy of nationhood is not the issue, my beliefs are close to the same as before, but I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God before I am a Southron. This blog will still be used to post on issues of politics, world events etc however I will focus more on theological issues than before, and the political posts will be done with the Kingdom in view, not Southron Independence. Anyways, I am putting the option up for all my readers to chime in and give suggestions.