Saturday, August 14, 2010

Advancing the Kingdom- In Politics

It has been a long time, I have been working crazy hours, and have been busy with many other things as well. However, I guess it is time to get back to blogging.

Today I would like to write on advancing the Kingdom of God in politics.

Several Lord's Days ago I heard a life-changing sermon by my Pastor (you can listen to the sermon at about doing all things for the Kingdom. There should not be an atom of our beings not dedicated to the Lord and His service. Every one of our actions should be geared towards one thing, advancing Christ's Kingdom.

I applied this to an area of my life that has always been important to me, politics. My interest in politics has waned quite a bit in the last few years, mostly because it had become my religion and the Lord convicted me through the preaching of His Word that I had made it an idol. However, I now am of the conviction that Christians should passionately pursue politics, but for a different reason than I used to.

I looked to advance the Glory of the South, or in many cases the "Kingdom of Limited Government". While the South is my home, and country, and while limited government is most certainly the most sound political belief, that should not be what we advance in politics.

We should use politics for one reason, to advance the Kingdom of God.

Now that we have established that fact, how do we carry it out? The answers to this are far too many to post, but the one thing I want to establish is our motivations.

If the reason we do anything is not to glorify God Almighty, and advance His Kingdom, it is sin.

We are not papists who claim that there is a "secular" part of our life, and a "sacred" part of our life, we are Christians. Christ purchased His elect with His Blood, and He was propitiation for their sins, and their sinful nature. There is not an atom of our being that does not belong to Him alone.

I would like to encourage young men interested in politics to continue to pursue it, but for Christ and His glory. We would cringe to see the Ecclesiastical government taken over by heathens, why do we allow the civil government to be taken over by the heathen without a fight?

Let us take dominion, and establish the Kingdom of Christ in the political realm!

Deo Vindice.

For Christ and Kirk,



Whiddon Family said...

Ouch! Very convicting, but encouraging. Thank you for sharing. Good to see you posting again!
Praying for y'all, and God bless.

The Whiddons

Scott or Pam said...

Although I don't share all of your reformed beliefs, I share many of your convictions. Christ and His glory should be our focus, period. Thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

AMEN and AMEN! So many Christian's relegate politics to the 'secular' world and think we should have nothing to do with it; and if they do, it is usually for monetary reasons, not biblical and certainly not to advance the Kingdom.
Thanks, it's nice to know there are others out there who share the same mindset.

Have you listened to R.J. Rushdoony's American History to 1865? I cannot recommend it highly enough as well as his, 'The Biblical Philosophy of History'- they not DIRECTLY about politics but as they deal with history politics is consequently a part of the material and it is very well explained, the Biblical philosophy expounded, and commented on. Rushdoony has a very monotonous voice (if you've heard him you know what I mean) but the material is interesting enough to hold you attention. It really helped me to have a more Kingdom focused perspective concerning politics and history.

Kelly said...

Amen!! Excellent post RG!

Mrs. Stevens

RM said...

Thanks for the comments y'all :D.


The Dischers said...

Glad to hear you talk about taking dominion! Your point about all political endeavors being done with the centrality of Christ's Kingdom was excellent.

There is no "secular and sacred" - only biblical authority. I just listened to a broadcast by Kevin Swanson who addressed this subject as well.

Proud of you :)

RM said...

Yes I have listened to that series. Rushdoony does have a quite monotonous voice, but his content is always worth it.

Aunt Beth,
Thank you! I will have to download the Swanson broadcast and listen to it.



Very well said! I remember my Grandfather (your great Grandpa Harris) making that same point many years ago.
It is something that really should not have to be said but should be well understood by all Christians.
The humanistic philosophy has so infiltrated the church and Christian community, that many do not even see this as a problem.
You are absolutely right - the focus of and motivations regarding our politics should have one and only one goal and that is the Glory of God.
Thanks so much for sharing this :)
Love you bunches!!
Aunt Molly

The Miller Family said...

Excellent job, R.G.! I appreciate your God-centered perspective. All of life belongs to Him, and everything we do must be done to bring Him glory, else it is done in vain.

Johann said...

Amen Sir!
I have been more and more convicted in this area.
Keep up the good work!