Friday, September 24, 2010

Rushdoony - Video Series

I am going to keep posting videos in this 9 part series, I hope y'all enjoy.


John Lofton, Recovering Republican said...

Yes, indeed, you may post my piece on your site. Also, what might be the possibility of you getting me a speaking date down there? My hometown is Orlando. Below a brief bio. Thanks. God bless you, your familiy, your work.

And I hope you’ll take some time, please, to visit our site, read some articles, listen to some radio shows, give me some feedback. We are Christians FIRST and not Republican Party cheerleaders.

John Lofton, Editor,

Communications Director, Institute On The Constitution

Recovering Republican

PS -- And do tell me, please, your specific areas of interest so I might direct you to some helpful information. My desire is to equip saints to be effective in the spiritual war we are in, the war against the Christ, which, alas, in America, especially in the church, has never been more intense.

Sample radio show: My interview with Ken Ham of "Answers In Genesis." Comments welcome:


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* Note, lest I be misunderstood: Being a Republican is not a disease; it is a choice – a very bad choice, but a choice nonetheless.

The Dischers said...

I have enjoyed these two videos, RG, and look forward to the rest. Dr. Rushdoony broaches these subjects in his American History course that the kids are taking as well. What amazes me is that he didn't use any notes! He was such a learned and godly man.

Aunt Beth